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How she overcome her greatest uncertainty? 

Titilayo Chizoba Kayode

Sitting at my university’s cafeteria, I often think about how I got where I am today. I remember being thrilled by the prospect of studying at a Canadian College, but I also felt uncertain. Due to extremely high tuition fees and competitiveness, I couldn’t take a chance at a top College in Canada. But I was accepted to one of Ontario’s best and fasted growing colleges with the help of Global Education Advisor and I wasn’t going to turn down an opportunity to study in Canada. I came to know about Global Education Advisor from a friend of mine and I feel it’s my privilege to convey my gratitude for supporting me with all the documentation and college application. I took their written counselling where I talked about what I was looking for study in Canada and my counsellor sent me a personalized report. They are best not only because they have a high-quality group of seasoned professionals but they are also very dynamic towards the students who want to study in Canada. They have strong ties with renowned colleges and universities which assists applicants to resolve any issues promptly. Needless to mention, they’re also very patient. I’ve pestered my counsellor’s time and time asking about one specific process but yet he never lost his cool. Please do give this phenomenal consultancy a visit if you’re looking to study in Canada.

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You Can be Next Titilayo

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