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Why Canada?

World's Best Education System.

Canadians have long been pleased with their instruction framework for giving top-notch instructive opportunities to Canadians and international students alike. The rest of the world has taken note. A major study, completed by U.S. News concluded that Canada is the World's Top 3 countries to study. It positioned nations around the world on a extend of variables, counting an instruction.

The study was a “perception-based worldwide survey,” meaning that results are based on how issues are seen by respondents around the world. With respect to education, respondents were inquired to reply to three central issues:

1. Does the nation have a well-developed open instruction system?
2. Would you consider going to university there?
3. Does the nation provide the best quality education? 

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Why is Canada’s education system Considered the Most top-notch?

There are two key reasons why Canada’s education system is so admired everywhere in the world. First, Canada has a brilliant free public schooling system for all children in Canada up to the completion of high school. Second, Canada has an array of world-class universities and colleges, with a plethora of other post-secondary schools that give students professional as well as technical training.

Canada’s education system begins with primary and secondary school. This typically consists of eleven or twelve years of study, commencing when a child turns five. Once a person completes their secondary schooling, they receive a high school diploma.

Many primary and secondary schools in Canada are free and open to the public, though there are private school options. Canada’s public schools maintain a high-quality education, which is likely a contributing factor to Canada’s high placement in the U.S. News study.

Canada’s colleges and universities are also viewed as competitive around the world. Consistently, several Canadian schools rank in the top worldwide ranking. There are also many options for those hoping to study in Canada, as well, including a range of other universities, more affordable community colleges, and technical schools. 

The vast majority of Canada’s post-secondary programs are not free, but tuition fees are affordable, especially for international students. This has fueled more international students to study in Canada, with more than half a million students from other countries studying in Canada right now. 

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How do I study in Canada as an international student?

If you’re interested in studying in Canada as an international student, first you need to figure out if you’re a good candidate for a Canadian study permit. Start off by booking a free Consultation Call designed to assist you with everything you need to know about studying in Canada. You’ll receive unparallel insights on how we could get you admitted to your dream institution, without you being doing anything. Our certified educational specialists interview the prospective students to gather information about them, assess them and provide them with the best-suited program in their choice of the province to them. Our educational specialists guide the students throughout the process of their school admission and provide them with timely updates. After the session, you will get your hand on all the information you need to know about studying in Canada as an international student.

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